Floor Care Services

Bay Area Floor Care serves the Tampa Bay area, from the smallest residential bathroom to a 45,000 sq. ft. commercial sales floor. We are here to provide you with the best possible service on all your residential or commercial floor restoration or refinishing needs at the most economical price!



Throughout the ’50s and ’60s, the majority of homes (up to 75%) built in many areas of Pinellas County were built with terrazzo floors. Terrazzo (meaning “mosaic”) was chosen not just for its durability, but for its uniqueness and beauty as well. No two floors are alike. Refinishing your terrazzo floors is a long-term and inexpensive alternative to installing carpet, ceramic, vinyl or wood, which can stain and retain odor. Refinished terrazzo is pet-friendly, as well as stain and scratch resistant.

We offer diamond grinding, honing and polishing. The same process we use to grind and polish marble and granite floors can be applied to terrazzo, leaving your floor with a durable, mirror-like finish that holds up extremely well to foot traffic and is a low cost to maintain. Terrazzo is the perfect solution for those of us with allergies and the need to maintain a sterile environment.

terrazzo-floor-refinishing-bay-area-floor-care-st-pete-clearwater-floridaLet’s face it, pet urine, food, grease and all sorts of things can get trapped in carpet and grout lines. Besides being easy to keep clean, terrazzo also helps insulate your home, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, with absolute minimal maintenance and at affordable refinishing costs. Restoring your beautiful terrazzo floors would probably benefit you the most. Terrazzo is a work of art, so why cover it up and let it go to waste.

In most cases, we will also remove and replace your furniture for you. Bay Area Floor Care includes the following services for terrazzo floors:

  • Removal of Carpet and Padding
  • Safe Removal of Tack Strips and Metal Thresholds
  • Removal of Vinyl Tile and Rolled Vinyl
  • Removal of Linoleum
  • Repair of Holes and Cracks — Large or Small
  • On-Time Service at a Price You Can Afford

Please call us on 727-449-1550 or fill out our convenient online form for more information or to request a FREE quote.

Marble & Travertine

commercial-marble-floor-restoration-st-pete-clearwater-floridaWith the prices of this type of floor becoming more reasonable, marble and travertine flooring are often the first choice of contractors and homeowners alike. If you are searching for an elegant, upscale, modern look, then marble is what you want.

Bay Area Floor Care’s technicians will professionally diamond grind, re-hone and polish your marble and travertine, resulting in a durable, mirror-like finish with fair, up-front pricing.

Poor installation? Due to poor installation of new or pre-existing marble, the customer quite often may be left with high edges and corners (lippage, but we like to call them toe-kickers) and a dull, overall hazy, finish. With precision grinding and a little luck, our experienced technicians will remove most, if not all, toe-kickers.

Off-the-shelf sealers will only leave your floor looking blotchy and dull, which will need to be redone often and offers little or no scratch-resistance. Sealants offer a completely contrasting result to our durable, astonishing honing and polishing process. Try sealing your marble, if you wish, but in about 3-6 months you will be looking for a floor care company such as ours.


We will apply a stripping solution to the floor and then scrub the floor with a 20″ scrubbing machine and a high-pro pad by 3M™. This will remove any old finish or wax from the floor. All edges, corners and doorjambs are scraped out with a 4″ razor blade and then scrubbed by hand. After the stripping is done, the dirty water is vacuumed up and the floor is rinsed, mopped and neutralized. Finally, with the help of floor fans the floor is dried.

At this time we will inspect the floor and proceed to apply 4-5 coats of commercial grade no-slip wax (approximately 15 minutes drying time between coats). When the final coat is dry we will burnish the finished floor with a propane-powered machine at 2200 RPMs. The result is a hard finish with a deep wet look! (Sorry, we do not offer any repairs to or installation of vinyl.)

Ceramic Tile

Although ceramic tile is fairly simple to maintain on a daily basis (mop and clean water) it may be necessary to give it a good deep scrubbing every once and a while. And that is exactly what we offer! We will come in with stripping solutions and/or mild acids to deep scrub and detail your floor. With certain types of ceramic tile we can apply no-slip wax to give your floor an illustrious shine. Also, there is no need to worry about grout problems. We have solutions for grout. In most cases, grout work is hands and knees work! We use chemicals that are proven to give dramatic results.

Specialty Floors

Specialty floors such as Spanish tile, broken brick, slate, quarry tile and others require different techniques to clean and seal. Call us on 727-449-1550 or use our convenient online form to contact us with your questions regarding these and other types of specialty floors.